Take a stand for Office Wellbeing with
LEAP desks

Leap is the future of desking, providing many benefits to employee health and productivity.

Our sit stand desks can be electrically adjusted to sitting or standing height to prevent problems associated with prolonged sitting. The range of office desks includes a single stand-alone desk, bench desk and radial desks.

LEAP Options

Electric Height
Adjustable Desk

Leap frames can be manually expanded to accommodate tops from 1200mm to 1800mm in width and electronically adjusted from 655 to 1255mm in height, all at the touch of a button with the touch-sensitive controls.


LEAP Single

A stand alone electrically height adjustable desk that can be adjusted at the touch of a button.

LEAP Bench

Leap Bench features the same adjustability as the Leap Single desk but in a two person bench system.

LEAP Radial

Leap Radial is a height adjustable stand alone desk available in tops 1600mm and 1800mm.

LEAP Frames

Leap frames are available in White, Black and Silver for Single, Double and Radial desks.

Height Adjustable Desk

Why Choose LEAP Standing Desks

Leap standing desk
WEEE Certified

Leap products are WEEE certified (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) meaning any electrical goods you purchase from us we will recycle for free at the end of their life cycle. For further information on WEEE please contact us.


Each Leap office desk comes with a five-year guarantee. We ensure that our products are manufactured with the best possible quality.


All desks comply with EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive, RoHS Directive and are tested to EN527-1:2011 & EN527-2:2016 including motor durability test.

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